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Some helpful tools and software

July 9th, 2008 · 2 Comments

There are some tools I use to make my life easier. YMMV and there may be other software that works better for you. If so, leave a comment on what you think is better and share your favourite time savers (or wasters)

Just yesterday, I left a long export of a quicktime movie to go with a Video DVD that needed to be burnt of the file. Instead of waiting around for it to complete and burn the DVD thereafter, I opened Toast, left the file open dialog on the folder where the file was being exported and logged in to my VPN via hamachi.

From home, using hamachi as my VPN tunnel, I used Chicken of the VNC to control the office PowerMac running Vine Server. This allowed me to set the DVD encode and burn to go from home and be ready to be delivered when I get into the office.

I once VNCed into work to make changes to an edit while my director was at the machine and he quit FCP in a panic thinking it was some kind of virus when he saw the mouse cursor moving and making changes to the cut.

I called him, told him what I was doing, laughed at him for a while, and used Quicksilver to display in large letters “Ghost in the machine” on the station after that. Quicksilver, by the way is the very first thing I install on any mac. Great application launcher and look out for a tutorial on getting the most out of it soon.

Other great apps to make your life easier are Billable for invoicing, Buddi for simple budgeting and accounting, Celtx for pre-production, writing and organization, Clonetool Hatchery for harddisk cloning, Data Rescue 2 for every harddisk that Diskwarrior can’t save, Little Snitch to firewall your vulnerable network, Flock is my new favorite browser, iBackup to backup your settings, IceClean to keep your system zippy, Kext Helper to install your drivers, Pacifist to install your packages, Peerguardian to protect you from snooping network intrusion from the MPAA and RIAA.

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